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Title: How To Be Calm

How to be calm most of us can become calmer than we are today calm people are happier and help others to be calmer you probably have been grateful to someone else who was calm when you were in a crisis theres a variety of techniques you can try to become a calmer person from meditation to getting more sleephow to be calm in a stressful situation the clock is ticking everyones counting on you which wire should you cut while most of us never have to deal with the life or death dilemmas of a bomb squad everyday situations such as jobive often been described as a calm person im not sure if they really mean boring but im happy to be calm most of the time when others are stressing out i can help calm them down when things arent going well i calmly take appropriate action instead of falling apart whenhow to stay calm in frustrating situations even if you have zero patienceopinions expressed by forbes contributors are their own i cover emotional intelligence and leadership performance share to fac share to twitter share to linkedin most of us have experienced

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