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TITLE : The Knockoff Economy How Imitation Sparks Innovation

Economists like myself know a lot about mathematical models of imitation and innovation but know little about how the real world deals with the threat of knockoffs with laws or otherwisehighly engrossing and readable tour of the an important underside of the american economy features wonderful stories about on fashion companies that specialize in knockoffs coaches who copy plays from other teams and comedians who lift jokes and routines from their rivals will upend ourfrom the shopping mall to the corner bistro knockoffs are everywhere in todays marketplace conventional wisdom holds that copying kills creativity and that laws that protect against copies are essential to innovation and economic successthe knockoff economy npr coverage of the knockoff economy how imitation sparks innovation by kal raustiala and christopher sprigman news author interviews critics picks and moreraustiala kal and sprigman christopher jon the knockoff economy how imitation sparks innovation intro june 1 2012 oxford university press 2012 ucla school of law law econ research paper no 12 18

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